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Home Makers

Home Makers

A home maker is one who manages a household.

A homemaker and manager of a household can either be male or female. He should be taught the art and science of homemaking, which includes the purchase, preparation and service of good food, the selection and making of clothing, the choice of house furnishings and the care of children.

In our objectives of preparing elementary school students not only for the higher levels of learning but also for life. It hopes to provide students the basic principles of homemaking not only for the sake of the individual but for the family and the community where the person belongs. Through this club, the individual hopes to better serve others.


The Homemakers’ Club aims to:

  1. be aware of the general principles of homemaking for the individual’s well being in the family, community and in preparation for life;
  2. understand the importance of nutritious food for a healthy family;
  3. understand the proper selection of clothing to suit the budget, weather and occasion;
  4. be aware of the proper house furnishings needed by a family; and
  5. understand proper care for growing children.


  1. To discuss good housekeeping in the kitchen and safety habits in preparing food.
  2. To demonstrate different techniques in food preparation and processes.
  3. To have a film viewing about food preparation.
  4. To prepare native delicacies.
  5. To prepare simples snacks.