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How to find us
About Our School

Creative Palms Nursery & Primary was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Oranekwu in the year 2011. The school is located in Plot 8711, Blk 11, 6th Avenue, Festac, Town.

It is a non-denominational qualitative and functional private school for boys and girls whose parents want to have the best of upbringing for them.

With this compliments of pupils, the school is striving to achieve an international character. We aim to provide a secure setting in which the imagination can be kindled, industry rewarded and academic potential fulfilled. We also seek to instill sound moral upbringing, sprit of service and develop motivation as the basics of leadership at all levels.

Contact Details

We would like to hear from you. Should you have any feedback, enquiry, complaints, or just want to talk, below are ways you can get a hold of us:

Alternatively, you may also fill up the online contact form.

Lagos Creative Palms School

Plt 871, Blk 11, 6th Avenue
Festac Town, Lagos

Phone: + 234 800 603 6035

Questions: + 234 800 603 6035